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Experimental Words

we learn that my rainbow is not the same 

as your rainbow

because we are standing in different places 

the lives we’ve led leading us to this moment of our meeting

you, me, and these rainbows  

understanding that we are seeing not the same thing

but also the same thing

and how marvellous that we can overcome 

that vast space between us 

and compare colours…

- from ‘Unweaving Science’ by Sam Illingworth and Dan Simpson

Biology meets balladry in a celebration of the creative similarities and wonderful differences between science and poetry. The result? A diverse display of rhyme, rhythm, and reason. Experimental Words is an ongoing project made by Dr. Sam Illingworth and Dan Simpson. They pair poets and scientists, challenging them to make new poems and spoken word performances. 

Beginning as part of Manchester Science Festival / Manchester Metropolitan University, the project has been delivered for Chicago Botanic Garden, Springer London / Imperial College London, the Scottish Storytelling Centre / University of Edinburgh, and Canterbury Festival / University of Kent. 

Experimental Words Dan Simpson Project

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During lockdown, the project went digital with the production of an Arts Council England funded spoken word album, featuring ten pairs of researchers and writers. 

Listen to the album!

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