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I make work for communities, organisations, and individuals


I am available for one-off and ongoing poetry and spoken word commissions, working across print, performance, and digital media. I’ve written for and performed at: conferences and events, adverts and campaigns, gigs and festivals, birthdays and weddings, anthologies and literature projects – and my work has been part of major organisations’ internal and external communications strategies.


My writing is engaging, thoughtful, and responsive. Common subjects include, but are not limited to: science and culture, history and place, wellbeing and personal stories, people and poetry. 


I work with organisations to design and deliver crowdsourced poetry experiences. A crowdsourced (or community) poem is created entirely from words submitted by an audience on a particular topic or theme. This happens in-person – for example, at a conference or live event – and digitally through social media. Once these words have been collected, I then create a responsive poem – capturing the mood, content, and vibe of the crowd. It’s a highly engaging process with an impactful, meaningful, uniting result.


I write articles for magazines, journals, and blogs – particularly around creativity, authenticity, and communication.

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